Holiday Gift Exchange – Signups

Posted On November 17, 2012

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Welcome to the 2012 Holiday Gift Exchange.

This year gift swap will be different in terms of being an open swap, and more on the lines of a holiday grab bag.

Each participant will choose a literary genre and buy either your favorite book, or a book you have found the most joy in giving to others. The book must be either trade paperback or hardcover. You should then pair the book with other small items that would enhance the enjoyment of that book. (ex. tea, chocolate, coffee mug, things related to the books characters and anything else you would like to make this a wonderful gift package.)

Participants are then asked to take two pictures of the items purchased. One clearly showing all items, and the other with the items hidden and wrapped. You will be given access to this blog to create two posts. One with the genre of your book and general clues as tow what might be contained within you wrapped gift, and a second with the pictures showing the items and any message about your gift you would like to give to its eventual recipients.

Everyone will be assigned a number and a time to choose a gift.  You will only allowed to see the wrapped gift with clues. Each person will have the opportunity to either pick a gift that hasn’t been chosen, or “steal” a gift that seems more appealing for another player.

Gift picking is tentatively scheduled for the week of December 1st. Once all exchanges have been finalized, participants will be responsible for mailing their packages as soon as they have received their winner’s address.

Sign up to play on the form below.


8 Responses to “Holiday Gift Exchange – Signups”

  1. Cindy's Love of Books

    I just want to ask before filling this out and I apologize if this is a dumb question but everyone will get something right? Why the change? Will we be able to specify mailing in certain areas?

    • Nicole

      Hi Cindy. Everyone will get something. Everyone will be able to specify where they will be able to mail to. Certain breakdowns will be more obvious like international, within the US, or US/Canada.A lot of the changes had to do with being able to continue the swap in some form and to be more transparent about those participating because unfortunately not everyone has honored swap obligations in the past.

  2. Lydia

    Could you please explain this process a little more, with examples? I’m not really sure I understand what will happen.

    • Nicole

      Hi Lydia. I will update the site tomorrow with more details information.

  3. nomadreader

    Where can we choose the literary genre?

    • Nicole

      I will be posting clarifications to the basic outline, but everyone will post the literary genre their gift belongs in, and participants will have the opportunity to choose.

  4. Julie Merilatt

    I was really excited to participate in the gift exchange this year, but the change really turned me off.

    • Nunya

      Me too. I don’t think I’m going to do it this year. But I’ll watch to see what I think of the new process, and hopefully I like it or things go back to normal next year. 🙂

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