The holiday swap is a way for book bloggers to connect and celebrate the holiday spirit by sharing gifts. It’s done secret Santa style; all of the participants are randomly assigned a blogger to send a gift to, and these assignments are kept secret until the gift has been delivered. So no one knows who their gift is coming from!

The swap was started four years ago, in the winter of 2007, by Ana. Dewey, a very involved book blogger, promoted the event in 2007 and helped co-host in 2008, before her sudden passing in November of that year. Since 2010 the swap has been organized by Nicole and a small but faithful group of volunteers.


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5 Responses to “About”

  1. Book Blogger Holiday Swap 2011! | Hawaii Book Blog

    […] Each year the book blogging community gets together during the holidays and does a gift swap. It’s like a secret santa for book lovers and ever year we try to send out local books according to what our secret book blogger likes to read. It’s a great way to meet other bloggers and helps us share Hawai‘i authors and books with a bigger audience. We’re not allowed to reveal our secret blogger until she receives her gift but check out what we’ve sent out for this year’s Book Blogger Holiday Swap! […]

  2. “What do you want for Christmas?” | BOOK RIOT

    […] nothing about me. It made sense that I would help her out. This gift was received as a part of the Book Blogger Holiday Swap, a project that matches up book bloggers from around the world in a sort of Secret Santa […]

  3. scoortDrill

    What nice message

  4. sagustocox

    Will there be an exchange in 2013?

  5. Book Blogger Holiday Swap - Jennifer Chambliss Bertman

    […] mail (who doesn’t?) and you’d like to spread some holiday cheer,  join in the fun here. But today is the last day to enter yourself in the swap, so join in soon! (I found out about this […]

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